Osiris CSGO Hack | ESP, Aimbot & More Free Download (2023)

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular multiplayer first-person shooter games. Its success all over the globe steams from the fact that it offers an intuitive and engaging game experience, which is free to play. The massive fan base of the game warrants that we also cover the currently in-demand hack, namely the OSIRIS MULTIHACK.

OSIRIS is one of the most powerful and versatile CSGO hacks going on. This hack gives you the chance to alter numerous aspects of the game to gain an advantage if that’s your thing.  OSIRIS comes with explosive features like AimBot and Wallhack. This must be noted that the hack is functional at the time of publishing this post, and gamingforecast.com does not take any credit or associate itself with the hack.

Disclaimer: Before you start reading the thread, this cheat is posted for educational purposes.

  • Status: Undetected
  • Version: [26/09/2023]
  • Developer: kyleisdork/danielkrupinski
  • Last update date: Today

Osiris new version is a straightforward internal CSGO hack. It’s free, but the features are excellent. If you are having difficulty winning matches, you can use our free hacks to impress your teammates.

Osiris CSGO hack is an old hack that has remained undetected for a long time. It receives regular updates as needed. First, I tested this mod for a week and am now posting it here so that everyone can enjoy this free csgo hack.

How to use the free csgo hack

  1. Download cheat from below
  2. Inject using any injector.
  3. Press Insert to open the cheat
  4. Enjoy.

Config File Location?

Configuration files are saved inside the Osiris folder in your Documents folder (%USERPROFILE%DocumentsOsiris)

How to prevent Overwatch Ban or Vac ban in CSGO

I will suggest you play two competitive matches a day because if you play more than two matches, they will watch the report and review it by watching your game, and of course, people will report you if you play insanely. 

Features of OSIRIS CSGO Hack:

  • Aimbot – assists, with aiming
  • Activate – turn on or off the function
  • Mute – aimbot remains invisible on your screen ( visible to you)
  • Friendly fire – treats allies as enemies
  • Visible targets only – aim at players who are visible to you
  • Ignore flash – disregard flash effects so aim when your character is not affected
  • Ignore smoke – disregard smoke effects so aim when the target is not hidden in smoke
  • Autofire – automatically shoots when a target is detected
  • Recoil based field of view (FOV). Aimbot adjusts based on recoil patterns
  • Field of view (FOV). Range in which the aimbot operates [0 255]
  • Maximum angle change per tick. Controls how much the angle can change quickly
  • Smoothness. Makes the motion of the aimbot appear more natural and human like
  • Target bone. Specific body part aimed by the aimbot
  • Horizontal kickback control factor
  • Vertical kickback control factor
  • Triggerbot. Automatically fires when crosshair is on an enemy
  • Activate. Turn on or off the main function
  • Key [key]. Triggerbot only works when this key is held down
  • Friendly fire. Treats allies, as enemies
  • Scoped mode only. Triggerbot only works while using a scope (only for sniper rifles)
  • Don’t pay attention to the camera flash. Focus on capturing the moment when the local player shines.
  • Disregard the smoke. Take your shot while the target’s still, within the area.
  • Adjust the delay time in milliseconds for each shot.
  • Use techniques to cleverly move players back in time and gain an advantage.
  • Toggle the switch on or off to activate or deactivate this function.
  • Ignore the smoke again. Don’t worry about it when it comes to targeting someone hidden in smoke.
  • Set a time limit for how back you can track movements ranging from 1 to 200 milliseconds.
  • Create an glow effect, on objects and elements.
  • Based on vitality – the color depends on the player’s hp.
  • Outline diameter of the girth
  • Alpha – describe the alpha
  • Fashion – glitter fashion [0-3]
  • Allies – illuminating allied resources
  • Opponents – refine adversary assets
  • weaponry – weaponry that shine
  • C4 – gauche radiance Explosive C4
  • Glowing C4 was used to conceal an explosive.
  • Roosters – Illuminate Chicken Entities
  • Chams – color player models for heightened visibility
  • Active – primary switch on/off
  • Based on vitality – the color depends on the player’s hp.
  • Alpha – physical translucence
  • Material — material used to construct the model
  • Wireframe — construct a mesh of triangles rather than solid material
  • Allies – allies on / off and the color assigned to them
  • Visible allies – visible allies toggled on/off and colored allies
  • Enemies – enemies on / off and assigned color
  • Visible adversaries – visible enemies toggled on/off and given a color.
  • Weapons – toggle model weapon cavity visibility and color application.
  • Hands – observe model hands-on/off beams and their coloration
  • Displays information regarding the player’s position
  • Active – primary switch on/off
  • Instant lines – provide competitors with instant lines
  • frame – This command draws a 2D frame on the player model.
  • Draw a random player’s name
  • Head point – each player’s draw point
  • Visuals – numerous visual options
  • Disable post-processing – To increase FPS, disable post-processing effects.
  • Inverted ragdoll gravity – reverses the acceleration of gravity on the descending ragdoll corpse of the character (during the death sequence).
  • No fog – eliminate fog from the map in order to improve visibility.
  • No 3D sky – Remove the 3D skybox from the map in order to increase FPS.
  • No visible recoil; eliminate visual recoil strike effect OSIRIS CS:GO CHEAT
  • No palms required; elevate arms/hands from a first-person perspective.
  • No sleeves – remove the model with sleeves from the first-person perspective.
  • Remove the weapon model from the first-person perspective.
  • Smoke-free – eliminate smoke explosion effect
  • No blur – get rid of blur
  • No coverage overlay – remove the black overlay before scoping
  • Wireframe haze – generates a smoke armature as opposed to a particle effect.

Aimbot is one of the most popular and powerful features on a hack. Aimbots are present in every good legit hack, but they are not present in free csgo hacks. In any case, SimpleWH free csgo hack includes an aimbot. Simply enable it to instantly kill all enemies.

Csgo esp hacks and wallhacks are also required to win every match. Because you can see enemies through walls and know their positions with esp and wallhacks. You can also kill them by shooting through walls.

Silent injection in CS:GO: You are aware that CSGO’s anti-cheat system has been updated. So, if you use any csgo hack, you will enter untrusted launch mode.

Download OSIRIS CSGO free cheat

We are glad to announce a free CSGO Cheat for you, and it’s absolutely free! You can enjoy the hack without any issues or bans in the game, Just make sure you don’t get overwatch.