Rainbow Six Unlock All Skins Elite And Various Other Updated [2021]

R6 Skins Unlock free, Rainbow Six Hack Updated 2021

free cheat rainbow six
Developer: Gaming Forecast
Update: 17/05/2021

Rainbow six siege is an online tactical first-person shooting game. It’s a great competitive game. I have played the game a lot and really loved it, I have seen people using some good skins in the game they are really costly. But today I will tell you the best simple method by using it you can unlock nearly all skins easily.

We, the GAMINGFORECAST team is getting bigger and bigger every day. So right now we are not only focused on some specific game. We are trying to provide cheats for almost every trending games for our users.

Rainbow Six No Recoil 2021 Released:

New Method Unlock Everything in R6 No ban Best method:


1. Elites
2. Weapon Skins
3. Charms
4. Headgears
5. Uniform´s
6. And many more

How to Unlock all R6 Skins for Free

  1. Download the given file below
  2. Close R6 completely and your UPLAY or Steam too.
  3. Go to file explorer, then in your r6 installed directory.

  4. (Drive)UbisoftUbisoftGameLaunchersavegames(numbers)

  5. Go into either “635” or “1843” and delete (Or Backup) the save called “1.save” and put the one you downloaded into there. (you don’t have to care about “1.save.upload”)
  6. Open your Uplay client, click the three lines in the top left, go to settings, and uncheck “Enable cloud save synchronization for supported games”
  7. This is important otherwise it’s going to sync from the server again and you have to do the whole process again.
  8. Lastly, restart your Uplay and go ahead and launch Siege. You should now have Headgears, Bodygears, And Weapon Skins equipped for every operator.


  • Look at all your hard drives and look if you have other directories most of the people put the file in the wrong directories.
  • Still not working? Delete all savegames, do the process again make sure auto-sync is off.

Download the file to unlock all R6 Skins for free:

Your download will automatically starts in

All the files we post here are tested by our staff members all files are clean and working. Please check the status of the file before downloading it, Thanks

Password: gamingforecast.com

  1. Hey love this Thanks but it only unlocked the elete skins and not all the camos ect. will you be updating this when the new matric eleat skin is released?

  2. lol do you actually believe that its abasic save game method to unlock skins everybody knows about it. Go and see unknown cheats we are just sharing our own save games here with lot of things unlocked.

  3. hey Men frist thank u for all hacks its all working fine

    but i hope u update apex legends hack its freeze the game!

    and thank u again

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