Roze Mini Tools for GTA 5 Online | VoxModz GTA V Download

Introducing the Roze Mini Tools, for GTA V Online developed by VoxModz. It’s the sensation in town. Its here to fulfill all your GTA V gaming needs. Whether you’re dealing with in game hackers or looking for a gameplay experience Roze Mini Tools has got you covered.

A Note from the Developer; “Hey fellow gamers! I’m Vox. I’m absolutely thrilled to introduce you all to Roze Mini Tools, for GTA V Online. Get ready to dive into an GTA 5 experience like never before!”

Why Roze Mini Tools?

When it comes to GTA 5 Mod Menus, one standout option is Roze Mini Tools, which is known for its focus, on crash protections. With VoxModz you can enjoy gaming sessions without worrying about crashes caused by external mod menus.

While there are GTA 5 Mod Menus available Roze Mini Tools stands out because it is regularly updated to provide you with the latest features.

If you’re interested in exploring mod menus you might want to consider options like Kiddions Modest Menu for solutions or the GTA 5 Online Mod Menu, for undetected internal solutions.

Features of Roze Mini Tools GTA V Online

  1. Crash Protections: Shielding you from unwarranted game crashes.
  2. Player Information: View player metrics such as Rank, Global XP, Money, Kills, Deaths, and K/D ratio.
  3. Vehicle Tools: Gift vehicles and store cars in your garage.
  4. Cash & Chips: Drop cash, chips, and figurines for increasing RP.
  5. Game Modifiers: Access features like God Mode, clear wanted levels, skip cutscenes, and unload menus.
  6. Casino Tools: Win chips, farm in AFK mode, or manipulate the Lucky Wheel for rewards.
  7. Ranking Tools: Update rank, unlock GTA online features, and change player stats.

How to Utilize Roze Mini Tools for GTA 5 Online

  1. Download: Head to the provided link and download Roze Mini Tools. Ensure no antivirus software is obstructing the download.
  2. Extract: Once downloaded, extract the DLL file and save it in your desired location.
  3. Launch: Start GTA V’s online mode and join a lobby.
  4. Inject: Use an injector to select the DLL file and inject it into the game.

And voila! Dive into GTA V Online and experience gaming like never before! Important Considerations

  • Accessing the Tool: Press F5.
  • Unlock Key: Use 938600275.
  • Base: Created using BigBaseV2.


Roze Mini Tools is an addition, for GTA V Online players providing an exciting gaming experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re new, to the game or a veteran this tool will take your gameplay to the level. Get ready to dominate the streets of Los Santos in ways you’ve never imagined before!