Tower of Fantasy AHK Script (+10 Features) Download 2022


Tower of Fantasy Hacks are getting popular day by day so we decided to release another cheat for Tower of Fantasy that is fully undetected as it is an AHK script which can help you play the game legit and get some advanced functions that no one else has.

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Tower of FantasyScript Info

Features of Tower of Fantasy AHK Hack PC

Here are some features of Tower of Fantasy AHK Hack for PC.

  • Bind to an interactive map
  • Overlay with different info
  • Auto walk
  • Skip dialogues
  • Fast Loot
  • Endless climbing
  • Macros:
    • AutoAttack (70ms)
    • InventoryClicker (15ms)
    • AutoFly (FlyHack)
    • Meril Air Attack
    • FRIGG ShiftClick
    • Bhop 50ms
    • Samir Dash Attack Cancels
    • Samir Vertical Flight
    • Diluc Vertical Flight

How to use TOF AHK Cheat Free?

Requirements for the correct working of the script:

  • Proper installation of Autohotkey is required.
  • Fullscreen or Borderless mode.
  • Run as Administrator.

Instructions to use:

  1. Download and install
    “Custom installation” > “Unicode 64” > All checkboxes > “Install” hippo
  2. Download the hack from below.
  3. Configure “TOFu\data\tofuConfig.ini” as needed
  4. Run “TOFu.ahk”

Keybinds for Tower of Fantasy AHK Script

  • F1 – Map
  • F2 – Overlay
  • F3 – Autowalk
  • F9 – Lobby Cart
  • Z – Skip dialogues
  • F – Fast Loot
  • X – Endless climbing
  • 4 – Abuse flight (glider in “key_flyhackGajetKey” config)
  • V – Macro Key
    • Numpad 0 – Off
    • Numpad 1 – Auto Attack(70ms)
    • Numpad 2 – InventoryClicker(15ms)
    • Numpad 3 – AutoFlyHack (first click-on, the second click-off)
    • Numpad 4 – Meril Air Attack v1 (Test) (Jump and hold “Macro Key”)
    • Numpad 5 – Meril Air Attack v2 (Test) (Jump and hold “Macro Key”)
    • Numpad 6 – FRIGG Shift+LButton (Test)
    • Numpad 7 – Bhop 50ms (Jetboard Jumping) (Ride the surfboard on the ground)
    • Numpad 8 – Samir Dash Attack Cancels (Fast Dash)
    • Numpad 9 – Samir Vertical Flight (Equip and Bind Jetpack)
    • NumpadAdd – Diluc Vertical Flight (Equip and Bind Jetpack)
  • Esc – Stop threads
  • End – End AHK
  • PgUp – Suspend – resume AHK
  • Left – Toggle overlay
  • Right – Toggle overlay

Tower of Fantasy PC Cheat Download 2022

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