VALORANT Arduino Aimbot Hack (Source) Undetected 2023

Valorant Free Hack using Arduino and Yolov5 Undetected

A great cheat on VALORANT that you can download for free from our site. Previously, we already posted a similar cheat, and now we are bringing to your attention a new free working Aimbot/triggerbot on VALORANT.This valorant hack is created by gr3gthepilot.

This Arduino valorant cheat is free to use, you just need an Arduino device to use this. This hack is also very easy to use if you know a little bit of python and how to set up Arduino. You can easily configure it yourself, or use our ready-made settings.  This Aimbot is easy to configure for both Legit games and Rage games, choose for yourself. At the moment, this hack is working fine but still use this hack at your own risk. 

Valorant HackInfo
VersionWorks with the latest version of the Game.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything that goes wrong with your game account.

How to use Valorant Triggerbot Aimbot Hack


  • Arduino Leonardo (you can buy it online it’s very cheap)
  • Basic python knowledge.
  • You need to train data sets using Yolov5 you can visit the link mentioned on how to do it.

How to use

  1. Download required files from below, upload the code to Arduino Leonardo 
  2. Note: this doesn’t work with HoodLoader 2 or 1.
  3. Train your weights in google collab or whatever your preference is or download the trained data here.
  4. Once you got the weights change your python code so that you will actually use your weight and change the COM port according to the port that your Arduino is connected to.
  5. model = torch.hub.load(‘path to yolov5 folder location’, ‘custom’, path=’path to the weight file you trained with .pt extension’, source=’local’, force_reload=True)
  6. Download yolov5 you will need it.
  7. Start your game and press “/” key and enjoy your free aimbot.

Download Valorant Hack for free: