Tapping Legends X Script

Tapping Legends X Script | Auto Farm, Rebirth & More (2023)

Our website now has the Tapping Legends X Script Page. This Tapping Legends X script hack is now active and available to all players for a range of in-game perks.

The Script is absolutely free to download and use; there is no price for it; we added it and found it to function; all credit goes to its creator/developer; if you are new here, check out the script and the instructions.


📌 Version: 10 Nov 2023

💻 Developer: Sunken

About Tapping Legends X Roblox

Shiny Star Games’ Tapping Legends X is a Roblox clicker game in which players must earn clicks and beat other players to reach the top of the scoreboard. Players can reborn and obtain big money increases to advance; there are improvements to activate using paw tokens, pets, and procedures such as pet fusion.

This article will provide the script for Tapping Legends X. Please save this page and come often to acquire the most up-to-date list of functioning scripts.

Features of Tapping Legends X Script


  • Click
  • Select Rebirth
  • Auto Rebirth
  • Select Eg
  • Egg Amount
  • Auto-Open Egg

Auto Farm

  • Auto Farm Selected World
  • Select World
  • Select Farming Type


  • Get Game passes
  • Headless
  • Equip Best Pets


  • Select Ruby Upgrade
  • Select Token Upgrade
  • Auto Ruby Buy Upgrade
  • Auto Token Buy Upgrade
  • Auto Buy Cickers


  • Walk speed
  • Jump Power
  • FOV


  • Select World
  • Teleport To World
  • Select Player
  • Teleport To Player

How Do I Get and Use the Pastebin Hack?

To get the script, simply go below and click on the download button, then wait until the timer expires. You will receive the script immediately, without having to navigate through dubious sites with popups; simply click and wait.

  1. You may get any Roblox Executor from this page.
  2. Check that the game is active.
  3. Inject the client and run the Executor.
  4. Copy and paste the script code into the executor section.
  5. To execute the script, click Execute.
  6. Return to the game and have fun!

Download Roblox Tapping Legends X Script 2023